Perfect component programming we create by CAD/CAM software -  KOVOPROG.

Peška & BRTN Computer Service s.r.o. company deals with developement and distribution of these software.

CAD/CAM system Kovoprog is the one system with the only Czech producer! This is the original Czech product with a long tradition.Its development and distribution deals with company Peska & Brtna Computer Service Ltd. settled in Tabor, Czech republic.

CAD/CAM Kovoprog is used for NC programming in Windows environment supporting NC and CNC machines,now available in three basic modules:

        - Machining - Includes turning with horizontal and vertical axe with driven rotational tools.
        - Machining - 2.5 D milling and drilling possibilities.
        - Wire Cutting - NC programming for wire erosion machines.

CAD/CAM Kovoprog provides NC programming solution with very advantageous power cost ratio. 
It runs under Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. 
CAD/CAM Kovoprog solution is available in English, Czech, German and Polish localization.